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How to Handle Oily Skin

Though it gets a bad rap, oil is actually great for your skin. It’s preserves the skin barrier, it fights bacteria and environmental stressors, and oily skin ages at a slower rate than other skin types (meaning less wrinkles!). But try telling that to someone who’s constantly dealing with a greasy face or blotting away too much shine. It can be tough to keep your skin’s oil production in check, but with effective ingredients and the proper care, you can achieve just the right amount of “glow.”

What is Oily Skin?

Oily skin results from overactive sebaceous glands that produce more sebum (oil) than needed. Sebum keeps our hydration levels healthy, but when we produce too much, that’s when things get greasy and shiny.

What Causes It:

There are many things that cause oily skin. Genetics can play a role, with larger sebaceous glands naturally producing excess oil. Other factors, such as heat and humidity in the summer, scrubbing or over exfoliating and hormonal medications (like birth control), can increase oil production. Tanning (which you should avoid, anyway!) actually triggers an injury response, causing the sebaceous glands to surge oil production to protect the skin’s surface. As for diet, studies have shown that avoiding processed foods and white carbs can decrease the skin’s oil production.

How to Treat Oily Skin:

Despite what many think, starving oily skin of moisture is the wrong thing to do. This can cause a reaction known as reactive seborrhea, where the oil glands go into overdrive to compensate for the loss of natural oils. If you get that “squeaky clean” feeling after you wash your skin, it’s likely you’ve stripped it of too many oils. When choosing a cleanser, avoid harsh detergents (like sulfates) and, if you prefer a foamy cleanser, try one with natural surfactants. Natural ingredients like burnet, ginger and cinnamon have been proven to reduce excess sebum and shrink pore diameters. And regularly using a clay mask that absorbs sebum with kaoline clay, bentonite or charcoal can help curb oil production.

NUDE Skincare products specifically formulated for oily skin:

Purify Cleansing Wash

This foaming wash will effectively clean without stripping skin. A blend of probiotics, ginger and great burnet root keep oil production under control.

Purify Daily Moisturizer

Upgrade your daily moisturizer with a lightweight formula that imparts hydration without greasiness. Cinnamon bark works with ginger and great burnet root extracts to regulate sebum production and leave skin with a soft, matte finish.

NEW | Purify Deep Cleansing Clay Mask

This mask addresses the two key factors in conquering oily skin: exfoliation and absorption. Brazilian Buriti seeds whisk away dead skin cells while sun-dried clay sucks dirt and oil from pores with kaolin.